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Conversations about Senior Lifestyle financial issues and the power of the HECM Reverse Mortgage

Listen to Bill Hornbeck, and guests, talk about a variety of intriguing subjects about senior financial scenarios. We'll talk about the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage and the primary financial tools that can help you stay in your home, age in place, buy that unique retirement condo, or protect your investment assets by creating a standby line of credit to balance occasional down market cycles and to fund elder healthcare costs.

Rule #1: Never Lose Any Money
Rule #2: Never Forget Rule No.1

Abe Abich, founder and CEO of Abich Financial Services discusses the structure of creating, growing, and protecting accumulated wealth.
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Introduction to the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

Listen to Bill Hornbeck's introductory comments about the power of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. Be sure to follow with Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the HECM Series. Read the transcript

Easy Living for Aging Homeowners

Jeanne Webster, Realtor, SFR, ABR, SRES offers revealing insights about lifestyle options for senior homeowners. See more...

Overview of the Reverse Mortgage
Part 1 of 3

This is Bill Hornbeck, your Reverse Mortgage Expert.

Thanks for joining me today because we are going to discuss a most incredible financial product..and yet…one that is also the most incredibly misunderstood product in the home equity financing market. Read the transcript

Bill Joins Jen Du Plessis on the Mortgage Mastery Show

The Mortgage Lending Mastery podcast with your host, Jen Du Plessis, America's Mortgage Mentor, will provide strategies, tips, techniques and interviews that can help you take your mortgage practice to new heights! Subscribe on iTunes

The HECM Line of Credit
Part 2 of 3

The time has come to seriously consider the use of home equity in the retirement income solution. For those times when situations arise that require immediate access to liquid cash to fund elder health care costs, or other emergency needs. Read the transcript

The HECM for Purchase Program
Part 3 of 3

Perhaps it really is that time to down-size...or to "right-size" as I like to say. Learn how retirees can purchase a home with special advantages that set it apart from conventional mortgage financing options. Read the transcript

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