Maybe this is what we should be saying to our clients..."Sometimes, selling your home is a necessary and appropriate choice...or is it?" Read on...

For those clients who are at least age 62 and looking for a financial resource to improve their access to cash -- for monthly cost of living expenses, for medical bills, or just to have available funds at the ready for special needs, they may find it better to leverage home equity while remaining in the home.

Which is why I often say "After all, where would you go!?"

The FHA-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) may be a wonderful solution to protect the retiree's investment portfolio by enabling "market downturn" access to available equity cash while preserving long-term growth of the portfolio (as planned!)

The HECM loan is simply a Home Equity Loan with special advantages. If approved, senior homeowners can stay in the home, have access to a percentage of the available equity, have no requirement to make monthly principal or interest payments and, best of all, they can sell the home whenever they are ready and keep any profits that exceed the loan balance.

If you are a member of the Sandwich Generation and have concerns about your parents' ability to retain enough assets to fund a senior lifestyle, you need to know about this option.

And, if you are a senior homeowner at least age 62 and looking for a way to reduce monthly expenses, to fund retirement shortfalls, or to manage unexpected elder care costs, you really need to know about this option.

You can help so many people, just by being better informed and introducing the opportunity to have an intriguing advisor/client discussion. Let's talk...

Sometimes, a conversation is worth a thousand pictures.

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